Craze for contour

When it comes to contouring we all know that there has been a bit of a craze. People spend tons of money on contour creams and powders, but in order to contour like a pro you have to have the right tools…  I bought this set late last year and it is one of my best purchases so far!

Real Techniques Sculpting Set

Sculpting brush, fan brush and the setting brush


Sculpting Brush

This is the main brush in the set and I cannot contour without it. It makes contouring a piece of cake. The bristles are soft and smooth and delicately glide over the contour on your skin leaving a precise sculpted look. It is one of my favourite brushes in the real techniques collection and is even better than the contour brush itself. With this brush contouring will really be a lot easier and for someone who couldn’t contour without looking like I smeared mud on my face this certainly works for me and makes my contour seem on point. Without this brush i’d be looking like a walking talking contour disaster.

Fan Brush

The fan brush was one of the main reasons I bought this set. It is used to fan away excess powder and can also be used for light highlighting and contouring on the bridge of the nose. I use it mainly when i get a bit too much powder on my face and thanks to this brush that is no problem at all as all I have to do is fan it away. It helps prevent the face from looking cakey.

Setting Brush

I use this brush to blend my concealer or also when I want to highlight my face. It blends the concealer really well on my skin and I would definitely recommend this brush for those who cannot live without concealer because once you use this brush you will not want to live without it either.

Overall these brushes are great for contouring, highlighting and fanning away extra product. It is sold for £20.99 and are definitely worth every penny.


Today’s makeup purchases: So today I went crazy and bought quite a bit of makeup including the real techinques makeup brushes!!!

As this is my first blog I am not quite sure if this will be a success as I don’t really know much about blogging so I would really appreciate it if you could comment below and tell me how this blog is and whether I should continue blogging. Thanks 😀

So today I went crazy and bought quite a bit of makeup including the real techinques makeup brushes!!!  

Real techniques makeup brushes, 17 foundation, L'oreal super liner, Collection pressed powder and Natural Collection blusher.
Real techniques makeup brushes, 17 foundation, L’oreal super liner, Collection pressed powder and Natural Collection blusher.

Real Techniques makeup brushes

I bought the Real Techniques expert face brush and the blush brush from boots. The expert face brush was £9.99 and the blush brush was also £9.99 but I got £5 off so I got it for £4.99 which I was quite happy about.

The Real Techniques brushes are pretty cool. I love the style and the look and the handles are really comfortable to hold. As well as this the quality of the brushes seems amaaazing.

The face expert brush seems like a really great brush to have. As I was making my first real techniques brush purchase I decided to go for it because its like a multi purpose brush in a way and it has great reviews. Its really smooth on the skin and it feels like a rabbit’s tail because of the luxurious quality softness of the bristles. So far I’ve used it with liquid foundation and it really blends well and doesn’t look cakey at all which is great, since most other makeup brushes that I’ve had haven’t worked that well with liquid foundation so this brush definitely is a must-have. I also used it with powder and it’s very good despite the brush being designed for cream and liquid foundations.

The blush brush is pretty good too, I like the shape of the bristles as they are great for the cheeks and allows you to define and highlight in a really nice way. It is a bit big though and this does make it slightly hard to blend but I suppose with a bit of practise I could get used to it. The fact that it is tapered is really good as contouring is easier.

I’m glad I bought these brushes… I was feeling a bit regretful about buying them and wasting my money but once I tried them at home I realised that they are really worth it. All I need to do now, is watch the tutorials and hopefully I’ll be applying makeup like a pro 🙂

L’oreal super liner

My mum first bought me this eyeliner in “black crystals” a few years ago, it lasted pretty long but ran out about a year ago and today I finally went and bought a new one. Honestly, I don’t know what took me so long to buy it. I really like this eyeliner and it is definitely my favourite. Today, I bought it in the “black laquer” version for £6.49 from Superdrug because my previous “black crystals” one was a bit faded and very glittery which I did not really like so this one that I just bought is much better in my opinion because it a really bold black eyeliner compared to the other one.

The product makes nice fine precise lines and I think it is really easy to apply as the tip is really good and firm. I do wish it was waterproof but oh well, it’s not that big a problem. I do recommend it for beginners especially if they have a shaky hand or if they always seem to blink when applying eyeliner like I do. It’s good to wear everyday and this is definitely going in my everyday makeup bag.

17 photo flawless foundation

This foundation was actually given to me by mum but since it is new I am including it in my blog. Unfortunately I do not know the price and I would assume that it was bought from Boots.

This foundation is really good, it smells quite nice and it doesn’t look cakey either. It blends quite well and looks great on skin. I have it in “soft ivory”. It is a 24hr wear foundation so it does last quite long. I don’t think I have worn it for that long but I have worn it for a pretty long time and it does last. It covers up any redness and blemishes quite well and I assume that’s the reason why it is called “PHOTO FLAWLESS”. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face so it is quite comfortable.

Natural Collection blushed cheeks

I bought this from Boots for £1.99. It is very cheap so I don’t expect it to be amazing. I really liked the shade “rosey glow” and thought it looked good with my complexion. It adds a nice healthy hint of colour to your cheeks and it says it is long lasting.

Collection pressed powder

I bought this from Superdrug for £1.99. I have never tried this one before so I thought I’d give it a go. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a powder because I don’t really need it and instead prefer using shine control papers. I got it in “translucent”. Reading the details it seems alright as it contains silk and is blended with moisturisers as well as containing vitamin E, UVA and UVB suncream, so i think it is good considering the price. It is applied quite easily and reduces unnecessary shine so that I am quite happy about.


So I am quite happy about todays purchases and they seem to be quite good and hopefully I will enjoy using these products.

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